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Disney area discount ECV and scooter rentals for your mobility

Customers Are Raving About Our
"Beat The Heat Scooters" And Our Discount Rates!

Handicap electric scooter with stay cool shade for Florida vacations

Visiting Orlando's Many Theme Parks?
Why Suffer In The Heat?

Orlando's sun is scorching hot and it's easy to get burned if you're in the sun for more than a half an hour.

The canopy shades you from the Florida sun, makes it easy to find each other in the crowd, and if it rains, you'll be happy to have it!

If you plan on spending time at Orlando's theme parks (Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld) then rent our "Beat The Heat" deluxe canopy.

Orlando Scooter Rentals Discounts and Rates:

$15.00 (1) Day Rental, Go Go Scooters (Minimum 3 day rental)
Discount Rate:

Ask about our 40% rental discount.
Only $15 for one day rental (one day only).

$25.00 "Go Go Shopper" Scooter:
Our "Shopper" scooter is a great way to browse Orlando's many malls and outlets.

Our Theme Park Scooter will last all day. We will beat any competitor price by 10%

$5.00 a day or $25.00 a week
(Beat The Heat) Luxury Canopy Rental:

We highly recommend our deluxe canopy.
Our Customers love it! And so will you!

10% Discount for 7 Day Rentals:
Recieve 10% OFF on all of our rentals
when you rent for 7 Days or more.

5 Good Reasons To Choose
Orlando Scooter Rentals

* * Our rental rates start at $15 first day. * *

* * 10% discount on 7-day rentals. * *

* * 10% discount on repeat business. * *

1. Some other scooter rental co's. charge sales tax. WE
2. Some other scooter rental co's. charge a $25 fee to replace a stalled scooter. WE
3. Some other scooter rental co's. charge for damaged scooter. WE
4. Some other scooter rental co's. ask you to pay for damage insurance. WE
5. Looking for a co. that has an excellent 10 yr. reputation. WE

Another Big Advantage
To Renting With Us:

Why Chance It...
Why chance being stranded in one of the theme parks? Occasionally a scooter might stall with a flat tire, dead battery, etc.

No Problem...
You will have peace-of-mind knowing we can offer immediate scooter replacement because we are located only minutes from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

All of our scooters fold and fit into car
trunks and Disney buses!

"Express Delivery"
Call 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
7 Days a Week

(Call or Text Below)

Call Us At 407-396-4100 For More Information

We have scooters for sale! New and pre-owned scooters
at low, low bargain prices! Can be transported free on the airlines.

AA Tourist Rentals, LLC.
3601 Commerce Blvd. Suite B
Kissimmee FL 34741

Located near the Kissimmee airport

Visit our display room in Kissimmee and rent or buy the scooter you like best!

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